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At times, employees are unable to effectively perform essential functions of their position due to the onset or worsening of a psychological condition. Even with rigorous application and screening procedures, experienced employees can exhibit significant difficulties in carrying out their job duties. Problematic behaviors that often lead to fitness for duty evaluations include excessive/unusual absences or sick time abuse, suspected drug or alcohol abuse, expressions of inappropriate anger, or not following policies or procedures.

Employers request fitness for duty evaluations when an employee displays behaviors suggesting a possible psychological condition that impairs the employee’s ability to safely and effectively carry out essential job functions. It is also possible to assess whether an employee is a direct threat to him or herself, or others. A fitness for duty evaluation applies multiple sources of information to provide appropriate conclusions and recommendations. 

An assessment of fitness for duty can be completed with public health officials or professionals such as healthcare professionals, corporate executives, attorneys, and academic faculty.

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Atlas Psychological Services, LLC is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Shah provides forensic psychological evaluations including fitness for duty assessments in Atlanta and Metro Atlanta. On a case by case basis, teleassessments or online forensic psychological evaluations are possible, which allows Dr. Shah to serve much of Georgia. He has extensive training and experience in the area of forensic psychology and has taught and supervised in the area of forensic mental health assessment. Dr. Shah has testified as an expert witness in multiple jurisdictions. 

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