Therapy for Anxiety

Are you avoiding situations that make you more anxious? Do others tell you that you worry too much or that you’re too hard on yourself? Do you believe that you can live a more enriched life if you were less anxious? According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 40 million adults, or 18% of Americans, experience an anxiety disorder. The good news is that there is help to treat anxiety. While it’s true that some people are naturally less comfortable with uncertainty and risk, experiencing ongoing heightened levels of anxiety is not necessary.

Finding the right anxiety therapist can be challenging. Anxiety counseling with our therapists provide you with the knowledge and skills to face challenges so you can move towards a more fulfilling life. There are several different types of anxiety disorders, and treatment may take a different focus for each. Understanding when and how your anxiety comes up is important in learning how to manage it.

Anxiety Therapist - Midtown Atlanta

Finding an Anxiety therapist in Atlanta

Finding the right therapist for anxiety can be challenging whether you live in Midtown, Buckhead, or metro Atlanta. Dr. Shah and Dr. Hill focus on your whole story, the challenges you might be facing, and the strengths you can use to overcome them. Treatment for anxiety does not need to be long-lasting or require in-depth analysis. Cognitive behavioral therapy, positive coping skills, stress management, and mindfulness can be effective techniques that can be learned relatively quickly in therapy with our clinical psychologists and applied to manage and overcome stressful circumstances. In certain cases, if anxiety has been long-standing, it may be necessary to uncover the origin of anxious thoughts and examine the factors that led to the current challenges you are facing.

So, if you are experiencing some or most of the following…
– Excessive worry
– Frequent fatigue
– Restlessness
– Increased muscle tension
– Difficulty concentrating
– Frequent irritability
– Difficulty sleeping
– Physical symptoms like racing heart, sweating, feeling faint, hot flashes, shortness of breath

… then reading this is a good first step. The treatment methods used at Atlas Psychological Services can bring you relief and help you progress.

Online therapy for anxiety in Georgia and other states

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Atlas Psychological Services offers online (virtual) counseling to those in Georgia and PSYPACT participating states. For many people, this can be just as effective as in-person therapy for depression. This can be very useful while we are all managing the stress and isolation of Covid-19 and social distancing.

Therapy for Anxiety in Midtown Atlanta

Atlas Psychological Services, LLC is based in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Shah and Dr. Hill are clinical psychologists and therapists for anxiety. They specialize in treating adults suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress.

Please contact us to find out more information on counseling for anxiety.