cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) looks closely at the thoughts and behaviors impacting difficulties with anxiety, depression, and other issues. You will be challenged to try new ways of engaging with your internal experiences during CBT. Counseling also involves relating to your outside environment. CBT is about trying new behaviors and finding ways to think that serve you instead of working against you. 

CBT tends to be shorter-term compared to other types of therapies. One reason is that you will use skills and strategies learned during therapy and apply them in your life in between sessions. Overcoming challenges with your thoughts and behaviors while experiencing growth is possible with CBT.

CBT with Dr. Shah can address a number of issues such as:
– Anxiety
– Panic
– Phobias
– Self-esteem
– Guilt and Shame
– Negative Thoughts
– Coping Strategies
– Boundary Settings
– Burnout and Career Issues
– Parenting Challenges

cognitive behavioral therapy - CBT - midtown Atlanta

Finding a cognitive behavioral therapist in Atlanta

Finding the right cognitive behavioral therapist in Atlanta can be challenging whether you live in Midtown, Buckhead, or metro Atlanta. Dr. Shah focuses on your whole story, the challenges you might be facing, and the strengths you can use to overcome them. Dr. Shah uses cognitive behavioral therapy as the foundation for counseling allowing you to overcome stressful thoughts and behaviors you want to change.

CBT Online for Georgia and Florida Residents

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Atlas Psychological Services offers online (virtual) counseling to those in Georgia and Florida. For many people, this can be just as effective as in-person cognitive behavioral therapy. This can be very useful while we are all managing the stress and isolation of Covid-19 and social distancing.

cognitive behavioral therapy in Midtown Atlanta

Atlas Psychological Services, LLC is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Shah is a clinical psychologist and specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). He specializes in treating adults suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress.

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