Therapy for stress

Are you feeling overwhelmed with stress that is difficult to manage? Do you dread getting started with the day? Is it difficult to talk to family or friends about the stress you’re experiencing? Nearly every part of our lives can result in increased stress. Some stress is normal and a part of being human. Too much can impact our physical and emotional well-being. Stress therapy can help to manage and overcome stress, and to adjust our beliefs about stress.

Knowing that there are proven and effective treatment methods can be encouraging. Stress management techniques allow people to cope with stress in order to live their best lives. Counseling for stress can provide specific techniques and strategies to lower the negative impact of stress. We can discuss how some stress can possibly help your growth. Stress therapy can also address specific issues such as anger management, self-esteem, and work and relationship issues. Understanding when and how your stress is triggered is important to address it. Cognitive behavioral therapy serves as the foundation for therapy with Dr. Shah. Dr. Hill applies psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and interpersonal therapy.  It is possible to transform your worries and fear into healthier and positive thoughts.

Stress Therapy - Midtown Atlanta

Finding a stress therapist in Atlanta

Finding the right therapist for stress can be challenging whether you live in Midtown, Buckhead, or metro Atlanta. Dr. Shah and Dr. Hill focus on your whole story, the challenges you might be facing, and the strengths you can use to overcome them. Treatment for stress can be straight forward and effective. Positive coping skills, stress management, and mindfulness can be effective techniques that can be learned relatively quickly in therapy with our psychologists and applied to manage and overcome stressful circumstances. During therapy, the origins of repeated stress are often uncovered. Our therapists provide a safe and empathetic environment to talk about such issues.

Online therapy for stress in Georgia and other states

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Atlas Psychological Services offers online (virtual) counseling to those in Georgia and PSYPACT participating states. For many people, this can be just as effective as in-person therapy for depression. This can be very useful while we are all managing the stress and isolation of Covid-19 and social distancing.

Therapy for stress in Midtown Atlanta

Atlas Psychological Services, LLC is based in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Shah and Dr. Hill are a clinical psychologists and therapists for stress. They specialize in treating adults suffering from anxietydepression, and stress.

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