Forensic Psychological Evaluations

Forensic psychology applies psychological principles and science to help answer specific legal questions.

Atlas Psychological Services’ forensic psychologists have extensive training and experience in completing psychological forensic evaluations. Dr. Shah and Dr. Hill are thorough and detailed in their approach, allowing them to detect the nuances in each forensic assessment. They have worked with individuals with a wide variety of psychological issues including many with severe mental illness in forensic settings.

Forensic psychological evaluations incorporate multiple sources of information including interviews, psychological testing, and records. Through careful review of this information and a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s social and psychological background, our forensic psychologists routinely provides consultation and forensic reports consistent with the data and information gathered.

Atlas Psychological Services, LLC is based in Atlanta. We offer both private and court-appointed forensic evaluations and works collaboratively with the courts and civil and criminal law attorneys on psychological issues that could impact a specific case. Our forensic psychologists provides expert testimony in the area of forensic psychology at both the state and federal levels. Dr. Shah has been qualified as an expert witness in several Georgia counties and federal districts. Dr. Hill has also been qualified as an expert in several Georgia counties.

Atlas Psychological Services, LLC provides forensic assessment services at the federal level and Atlanta area counties including Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, Gwinnett, Clayton, Forsyth, Cherokee, and others. Forensic evaluations can be provided in other states based on the respective state’s licensure requirements. Travel fees for forensic evaluations outside of metro Atlanta apply. A partial or full online evaluation can be done in some circumstances.

Forensic Psychological Evaluations For Attorneys and Court

Atlas Psychological Services, LLC offers forensic psychological evaluations for the criminal justice system. Evaluations include assessments for competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, sentencing mitigation, and psychosexual issues.

Psychological Mitigation Evaluations

A mitigation evaluation involves a thorough assessment of a defendant’s background, mental health history, and the psychological factors involved in an offense.

Psychosexual Evaluations

Psychosexual evaluations help to determine the risk factors involved in repeating sexual offense behaviors. Sexual deviancy and sexual violence are commonly assessed.

Competency to Stand Trial Evaluations

Competency to stand trial evaluations involve an assessment of a defendant’s mental capacity at the present time.

Criminal Responsibility Evaluations

An evaluation of criminal responsibility (insanity) involves an assessment of whether a psychological disorder impacted a defendant’s judgment or perception at the time of an offense.

Violence Risk Assessment

Violence risk evaluations assess multiple factors involved in the increased risk of violence. Psychological history and other aspects of a person's background are analyzed.

Psychology Expert Witness Testimony

Using their specialized training and experience in the area of forensic psychology, Dr. Shah and Dr. Hill provide expert testimony in line with the evaluation findings.

psychological evaluations for employers

Atlas Psychological Services, LLC  offers psychological evaluations in employment setting. Evaluations include fitness for duty evaluations, independent medical (psychological) exams, workplace violence evaluations, and pre-employment psychological screenings. 

Fitness for Duty Evaluations

A fitness for duty evaluation can determine whether an employee has a psychological condition that is impairing work performance in one or more essential job functions.

Workplace Violence Evaluations

Risk and protective factors are analyzed to determine the nature of violence risk and to provide specific recommendations to the employer to reduce violence risk.

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