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Comprehensive Forensic Psychological Assessment Services and Expert Testimony

For Attorneys

We offer forensic psychological evaluations in criminal and civil settings.

For Employers

We provide fitness for duty, and other employment evaluations for public and private entities.

Expert Testimony

Our forensic psychologists provide expert witness testimony in state and federal courts.

High Quality Individual Counseling using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Therapy for

Change anxious thoughts that prevent you from living a fulfilling life to thoughts that empower you. An anxiety therapist can help.

Therapy for

Sadness, depleted energy, and loss of motivation can be shifted to enthusiasm about yourself and enjoyment with friends and family.

Therapy for

Ongoing stress can have a negative impact on your physical and emotional well-being. Learn simple stress management techniques.​

Forensic psychologists, Atlanta

OUr Mission

Clinical and forensic psychological services based in Atlanta

Dr. Shah established Atlas Psychological Services, LLC in 2015. The practice’s mission has been to provide high quality, thoughtful, and tailored forensic psychological evaluation and psychotherapy services. Dr. Shah and Dr. Hill are licensed psychologists in Atlanta specializing in providing thorough forensic evaluation and expert testimony services to courts, attorneys, and employers. Our psychologists also serves individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress through high quality and evidence-based treatment. 

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Online therapy and Forensic Assessment services

We offer online virtual therapy services. Online forensic psychological evaluations are also possible in some cases. Not only does telemental health offer added convenience, it also allows us to provide counseling and forensic services throughout the state of Georgia. Dr. Shah also provides services to residents located in PSYPACT participating states.