Independent medical (psychological) exams

An employee might file an insurance claim if they are suffering from a mental illness and report that the illness is affecting their performance. A forensic psychologist can perform a full evaluation and review multiple sources of information to assess the claim. Independent medical exams (IME) or independent psychological evaluations involve interviewing the employee, reviewing multiple health records, speaking with third parties, and administering psychological testing. This results in a comprehensive independent psychological evaluation with individual recommendations. A complete independent evaluation will assess the nature of the mental disorder and whether it impacted work functioning. 

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independent medical (psychological) exams in Atlanta, Metro Atlanta, and Georgia

Atlas Psychological Services, LLC is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Shah provides forensic psychological evaluations including independent psychological evaluations in Atlanta and Metro Atlanta. On a case by case basis, teleassessments or online forensic psychological evaluations are possible, which allows Dr. Shah to serve much of Georgia. He has extensive training and experience in the area of forensic psychology and has taught and supervised in the area of forensic mental health assessment. Dr. Shah has testified as an expert witness in multiple jurisdictions. 

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