Psychosexual Evaluations

Psychosexual evaluations help to determine the risk factors involved in repeating sexual offense behaviors. Sexual deviancy and sexual violence are commonly assessed. The defendant is interviewed on various topics involving background history as well as sexual development, attitudes, adjustment, and behaviors. Multiple sources of information including psychological testing are used to increase the reliability of the evaluation. This type of forensic evaluation also helps determine interventions that could be the most effective in reducing risk. Protective factors and a defendant’s amenability to treatment are also evaluated. Psychosexual evaluations can greatly assist the court in understanding the factors involved in a particular sex offense and thereby making more informed decisions. Multiple sources of information are used to produce a high quality and complete forensic evaluation

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Psychosexual Evaluations in Atlanta, Metro Atlanta, and Georgia

Atlas Psychological Services, LLC is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our forensic psychologists provides forensic psychological evaluations in federal and state courts. Evaluations include state and federal mitigation evaluations in Atlanta and Metro Atlanta including such counties as Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, Gwinnett, Clayton, Forsyth, Cherokee, and others. On a case by case basis, teleassessments or online forensic psychological evaluations are possible. He has extensive training and experience in forensic psychology and has taught and supervised in the area of forensic mental health assessment. Dr. Shah and Dr. Hill have testified as an expert witness in multiple jurisdictions.

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